Squamish translates to ‘mother of the wind’. This name for our town was given because we get some of the best wind conditions for kiteboarding, windsurfing & sailing in the world. With a consistent temperature gradient between the ocean and the mountains and the unique shape of the Howe Sound, amazingly consistent and strong winds blow throughout Squamish daily. There are very few summer days without enough wind to get out to ride and many days in early spring and later fall as well. With our boat assisted instruction and wide array of kites to teach with, kiting can be an option nearly every day from April to October. While we experience quite a lot of rain throughout the winter, the weather in Squamish varies throughout the year from months of rain to months of nothing but sunshine!

A Passionate Team


Enjoy our luxurious facilities every time you come for a watersports adventure. From a fully stocked gear store to our experienced instructor team, to bathrooms, hot showers, and more, you are sure to spend a relaxing day with us kiteboarding in Squamish. Everyone is welcome and we offer activities to fit anyone’s skill set and adventure level! Come and hang out on-site with a picnic on our elevated deck or peak around the shop and pick our brains for local tips and tricks. Our friendly and knowledgeable team are always welcoming and ready to answer all your questions.